Taking care of what’s new so you can continue ot grow your business

Business to Business Services

Our business services cover most aspects of management, administration, development, market analysis, and marketing consultation with one main purpose – to grow your business, not your stress level.

Starting from an idea and registration, to market penetration. Administrative and contracts consultation
Marketing campaigns based on target market analysis and business performance to boost your market share by market expansion and penetration. All digital (logo, graphics, photo, video) and hardcopy marketing material is produced by our marketing department at Pix Plaza Studio
We work for both online and brick and mortar businesses to establish strong online presence on a highly engaging website, apps, social media and search engines.
Find the best talents for your business. Post your job openings on our job board and national network and reach tens of thousands of job seekers, or tap directly into our databases of thousands of potential candidates local to you. We post jobs, build online applications, shortlist, and interview.
Build a sales website, or add e-commerce section to your existing site to get paid for your sales and services online. Your customers can also pay you on our online portal
Connect your computers, printers and mobile devices and connect with the world. Business network IT setup and maintenance

Relax, enjoy your cup of coffee
Focus on service and product development
and customer care

We take care of your business behind the scene

We are a US company with US-based customer support. We serve businesses headquartered in the United States

We are local to you


Continually Developing

A business that is not growing is a business that is shrinking. We work with individuals who want to transform their ideas into projects, with startups starting with business formation, with existing business wanting to be ahead of the competition, with service businesses wanting to reduce operation cost and serve more customers more efficiently, with production and sales services wanting to increase productivity and market share, and with long established businesses in “cash cow” stage wanting to secure their market stability.

We perform administrative, structural, and financial business analysis and combine it with target market analysis in order to create the best strategic plan for your business over the next 3, 5 or 7 years based on the pace of development in your line of business.