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Business Services from startups to corporate support

At Global Business Solutions, we provide Business-to-Business (B2B) services and Business-to-Professionals (B2P) services
Our client base ranges from small business owners starting up their first business to well-established businesses that are looking to acquire a greater share of the market by boosting their production and distribution and/or acquiring other businesses.
Our main areas of operation are: business consultation and developement, product and services branding, marketing and advertising, public relations, Information Technology and networking, and web development and online presence.

Busniess Development

Our business development plans start from the concept, to business filing, branding, securing copyrights and trademarks, to developing the product(s) or service(s), developing sales portals, to marketing and promoting the brand, product or service.

This service is vailable as a comprehensive package, or as separate components taht can be customized to your already established business needs.

Information Technology

Some form or IT must be implemented into the infra structure of any growing successful business.

We build computer and networks infrastuctre and deploy hardware and proprietary software following analysis and of current business structure and future development plans.
We scale up or down as needed for businesses of any size.
This service can be as simple as creating online store front and in-store and online payment processing for a small shop, such as a florist or equipment repairs shop.

Web Development

Not having a responsive, well-designed website is no longer an option for busniess that aim to grow, or even maintain current cashflow level in a copetitive market.
We build highly customizable, responsive websites for businesses and professional with our business development and marketing experience in mind. We used consireable resources to build the infrastructure and the functionality of your website to drive it ahead of the competition, balancing the design ethetics with the speed, clarity and simplicity your customers desire

Research and Marketing

Full market research and analysis of the competition and custoemrs behavior is the basis for our success driving our clients' businesses growth  and acquisition of a large share of the market.
A balanced, well thougth out marketinga nd adertiing campaigns are essentil to business growth or even preserving current market share when the business has reached the limit of product or services t can offer to its clients, thus maintaining custoemrs loyalty and avoiding customer dissatisfaction and permenant lose of market share.

Step 1: Contact us

Asnwer our simple business questionnaire to initiate our preliminary analysis of your business and or product.
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Step 2: Meet your account manager

Following your initial contact, your account will be created, and assigned account manager will review your business is preliminary analysis and contact you.
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Step 3: Review and discuss

Based on the information provided, your goal, and our research, the plan would be developed and presented to you to review, discuss, and amend or approve.
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Step 4: implement the plan

ffor you and your team to ensure seamless application of your business plan, and further discuss and develop the plan as the implementation data become available.
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About GBS

the company, in its current name and structure, was established in 2014, following acquisition and development that started in 2008. We currently provide business-to-business and business-to-professionals directly or through affiliates.

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until further notice, we only provide services to US-based professionals and businesses, Intercontinental businesses with physical presence US, or foreign business entities registered in the United States.

Resellers of our services provide and entered their branding, in markets of their choosing. global business solutions shall not be held liable in any legal dispute between the resellers and their clients, nor should we be held liable for resellers violation of any law in the countries they provide their services.


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